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Nicotiana Tabacum - Virginian Strain Tobacco Seeds

$4.99 Package 1,000 Tobacco Seeds Package (NO DRIED LEAVES)

You receive a zip lock baggie with dried seeds ready to plant.

Growing & care instructions included.

And, a BONUS assortment of Hollyhock seeds as my gift.

Many commercial cigarette companys use this strain for their tobacco.

Great for making your own ORGANIC Tobacco Juice from. Pesticide spray.

All our plants are treated with natural organic Neem Oil for insect protection.



NOTE: Use caution if making and spaying your tobacco juice as it will also kill a few plants (like roses), do research before spraying. As this pesticide even though it is organic doesn't mean it isn't harmful. 


Nicotiana is a plant that will produce THOUSANDS of seeds. Once the 
plant is full size, about 6’, the blooms fall away and leave a green elongated 
Inside the pod are the tiny... ity... bitty.... brown colored seeds. If you are 
harvesting seed pods and want to dry them for seed, leave them in the sun 
for about 3 days. Once dry your pods will turn a dark brown, once dry I use 
a razor blade an cut the pods in half (around their middle or cut lengthwise) 
ON A PLATTER or dish. 
Let them set another day. Then squeeze each pod and you will have a small 
pile of microscopic seeds from each. 
Now, don’t be surprised  if you open
 a pod and it’s empty...........a green 
worm may have beat you to the seeds,
 NO WORRY you will have more seeds
 that you can ever plant. 
Nicotiana Tabacum


Above is a Bolivian Black variety. Used for rolling cigars and as filler.

$4.99 per pack

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Some varieties available:

Adonis, Shamanic, Glauca Tree, Sensation (white-purple), Glutosia, Havana 608, Lime, Criollo Bolivian Black, Virginian, Virginia Gold, Black Sea Samsun, Crimson Bedder, Hot Chocolate, Langsdorfii, Tennesse Burley.


Seeds are available.

Growing your 

own tobacco is fun and fairly easy. What you need to know is YOU CANNOT grow the tobacco plants and sell the dried leaves, that is illlegal. Unless you are licensed.