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Seeds and Live Plants

Thanks for your patience while we upgraded to have a buy it now option to use PayPal for all your seed needs. Tobacco, Hollyhocks (174 different), Silky Gold, Sweet Basil, Primley Blue, Variegated Arborea Tree, Stevia (sweet sugar subsitute), Black & White Pincushion & Marigolds.

Photo below are our Hollyhocks from our Gardens in California, we do not use any chemical pesticides only 100% Natural NEEM Oil for rust & insects.






Hollyhocks seeds come packaged with a small photo of the bloom & instructions for planting. I also send a page with personal notes on how to grow your plants.


If you want to learn about Hollyhocks and grow an assortment you can simply mail $5.00 to:



WS-HHASS Hollyhock Assortment

6937 Le Havre Way

Citrus Heights, CA 95621


You will receive an assortment of what you see in the photo on left.


Most seed packs are $1.99 and packs contain anywhere from 12 seeds to 2,000 seeds.



To view all 174 Hollyhock flowers, and wait a few minutes, the file is VERY large there are 4 pages, each page has a close up of each that are numbered. The link below will take you to a .pdf file. From there you can print it for future reference.