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If you wonder what does a custom template or set of templates cost?                                        

Understand how a template is manufactured.

The design has to be input into a program either by scanning a image (or design on paper), can be taken from a VECTOR file saved on a CD, e-mailed in a format compatible to COREL 4X, or a file saved in a format compatible for a vector file. (such as a .pdf or .cdr)

There are "3" charges to manufacturing a CUSTOM template(s). The laser reads vector and raster type files. Vector cuts, raster engraves.

1  - Acrylic (clear) 1/8" thick is roughly $10.00 per 12" square foot

2  - Laser Running Time is $2.50 per minute                                          

3  - Design Time $90 per hour or $1.50 per minute

All of these factors are calculated in the process. Some costs are minimal, most expensive is normally design time. Calculated $1.50 per minute.  If it takes 5, 10, or 30 minutes it is just calculated at a flat rate. Have a design on a CD and it's a VECTOR file ready to print, then there is no design cost.


Example: you mail your design on paper, if it takes 8 minutes to create the vector file that would be $12.00, if the acrylic is a scrap there is no charge for Acrylic, running time is always charged if it is 3 minutes, $7.50 is cost. For this example cost would be $19.50, plus shipping.

A single quilt template is roughly $10, but details raise the cost such as a lot of engraving or many cuts or details. Every order is different.

If you have a design of your own and need a template(s) created for you, send design or e-mail, you'll receive a quote. 

All custom orders are PAID IN ADVANCE. Please, e-mail any questions.

Basic Custom Order Process

Step 1 - Send the design(s). 

Step 2 - We evaluate from design(s), quote provided with turn around time, including s&h to you.

Step 3 - Is receiving confirmation and payment from you.

Step 4 - Order is completed and shipped with original design & e-mail is sent. 

Sorry, there is no way to calculate what you want by just stating what it is, best to see the design for a quote.



WE DO NOT SEARCH Copyright. It is your responsibility to either own the rights to your design or it be in public domain for anyone to use freely.

Combined s&h.

We ship any items from any of our 6 websites together, but you have to tell us in advance what you want.